Introduction to Block Themes

Development Environment and File Management

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Length: 10 minutes|Difficulty: Standard

Before you create your first file you will need a WordPress development site. This can be a cloud hosted site via your web host of choice (but not a live production site!) or a locally stored WordPress site using one of several tools available for this purpose. For more information about setting up a local WordPress environment check out the Local WordPress Installations workshop. The examples in this course will use the Local app which makes it very simple to create as many WordPress sites as you need for different projects all stored on your own computer. This application is available for several operating systems so it should work for most people.

Once you have your WordPress site running you will need to access the directory that stores your WordPress themes located within the wp-content directory for your site. You can access the files for your site using local by clicking the indicated link in the Local application.

This will open your systems file manager. The following is an example of what this might look like for a MacOS user.